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Q-IT delivers 90min RTO DR solution at Minimal Cost

Trifecta Capital Services' rapid business growth, previous IT Downtime experiences and regulatory compliance demanded offsite IT continuity capable of reducing data loss to 8 hrs and acceptable downtime to 2 hrs.


After in depth analysis of the current infrastructure, Q-IT blueprinted a private cloud architecture based on Virtualised Servers and Networks with data replication between sites.

Business Challenges
Solution Benefits
  • Growth of business and regulatory compliance demanding acceptable data loss of up to 8 hrs and acceptable downtime of 2 hrs on any given day when recovering at an alternate site

    Previous loss of revenue due to prolonged IT Service unavailability caused by:

    • Electricity outages
    • IT server hardware failure and inability to restore data within acceptable duration, resulting in business data loss
    • Inability to restore services to an alternate location
    Budgetary constraints requiring low cost, value for money IT disaster recovery
    • Turnkey solution
    • Rapid recovery to an alternate location within 2 hrs of DR invocation
    • Minimal data loss of less than 2 hrs
    • Simplified recovery process with fewer than 5 activities requiring only 1 technical engineer
    • Low operational impact and maintenance costs
    • Automated health reports and dashboards

Disaster Recovery Solution click image

The diagram below illustrates the conceptual DR solution.

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