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  • At Q-IT:

    • We understand the need for direction and designing for an optimal but practical future state (Consulting Services)
    • We are passionate about planning and implementing changes to reach that ideal state and (Professional Services)
    • We are pedantic at ensuring your business is resilient and available at the same time (Support Services)
    A South African FIRST – Have a look at our Solutions’ pages for limited offer FREE Consulting and Professional Services on selected solutions and products.

    These belief's are at the heart of Q-IT's services and are combined with what we can only describe as a natural culture of outstanding professionalism. We know that business needs to be in many states at the same time to ensure its success and this requires constant proactive engagement with as little bureaucracy as possible while still ensuring good governance. An agile approach with customer service as top priority is preferred over contracts, terms and conditions.

    In the sections that follow, we have translated these beliefs into service area's that will undoubtedly add value to your business regardless of how these area's are pieced together to suit your needs. The Service Area's apply to all the solution domains and more.

  • Q-iT offers the following products as part of a practical and holistic service offering:

    Disaster Recovery Coordination
    Suppport (PC's|Networks|Servers|Mail|Firewalls|...)
    From R550 per hour
    From R450 per hour (Check out our Solutions’ pages for limited offer FREE CONSULTING on selected solutions and products)
    From R500 per hour
    Flat R450 per hour

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