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Whatever it is, just ask us, even if you merely wish to receive further information. We are here to help you. Send us a short description of your need and we will get in touch with you.

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Business decision makers normally contact Q-IT when one of the following situations arise:

  • IT is negatively affecting business!
  • Unfavorable audit reports affecting business image and competitive advantage!
  • Frustration with service provider ability and response times!
  • Stakeholders want an objective view on IT capabilities and problems

Q-IT would normally engage with you at the consultancy level. With decades of ground level up practical experience, our consultants will use best practices such as TOGAF and ITIL to understand possible problem and improvement area's.

The output of the initial consultations may result in as little as a quotation for cloud services or may turn out as large as recommendations for in depth assessments and strategy formulation.

Big or Small! What ever your needs may be, Q-IT offers solutions and services to suit your needs.

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