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Assessments & Audits

To prevent wasteful expenditure and in order to provide true value, the first step toward reaching the desired future state is to understand exactly where you are now and where you want to be.

Q-IT highly recommends an assessment phase regardless of how small that assessment may be. The assessment output provides valuable insight and agreement on what the actual problem or improvement is. This is input into recommendations and strategies that will ultimately result in value to you and your business.

One of our qualified and experienced consultants will facilitate one or more of the following forms of assessment:

  • Business Impact and Risk Assessments: (What is the value of an IT Service/System/Component to your business and what threats and vulnerabilities exist)
  • General IT Process and Controls Assessments
  • Governance and Compliance Assessments
  • Technology assessments
  • IT Health Assessments

The next step is to strategize the way toward reaching the agreed future state.

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