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Solution Architecture

When a business or IT strategy has been defined, it is time to design the solutions that will achieve the desired state. To be considered holistic an IT solution must address the following main area's: People | Processes | Technology (Various technologies and products will normally be integrated).

Q-IT's solution architecture team brings together these area's by applying our very own practical hybrid of best practice methodologies such as Service Oriented Architecture, Microsoft Solutions Framework and TOGAF to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

There are literally thousands of quality products and technologies that can be combined to work straight out of the box so in most cases Q-IT's Solutions Architecture team will unpack the business requirements and identify the mix of technologies, products and services that are the right fit for you.

The different types of solutions we specialise in are listed in the Solutions section of this website. We are advocates of cloud based solutions that are extremely cost effective and have a host of additional benefits.

The outputs of the Solution Architecture phase include:

  • Solution Design diagrams that the Technical Architects can translate into low level technical diagrams
  • Processes which include organisation structures, key performance indicators, service level agreements, procedures and so forth
  • Statement of Works that are project ready
  • Solution options and cost/benefit analysis

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