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Operational Services

  • Q-IT offers comprehensive and scalable IT operation's services to ensure that your business can run smoothly and you can focus on your core business. Our scalable operations framework is depicted in the diagram below.

    Q-IT offers complete flexibility with its managed services offerings regardless if parts of services or solutions are outsourced to other vendors or insourced within your organisation. We have used best practice frameworks like ITIL, COBIT and Microsoft Operations Framework to create our very own blend of operation processes and models.

    There are a myriad of possibilities when compiling a managed services outfit but they fall into one of the following major categories:

    • Service Desk Services, wherein we provide a single point of contact and complete ownership of incidents, problems, requests, etc. through to resolution. Our service desk is also empowered to provide first line resolution of requests and incidents e.g. Password resets. Q-IT's service desk generates information reports that will provide you with a true reflection of the current state and insight into improvement area's.
    • Support & Maintenance Services for specific solutions or services. Controlled preventative maintenance is key to ensure that service levels are maintained e.g. Updates management. But when problems do arise, our skilled specialist technical functions will resume services within SLA.
    • Service Delivery Management & Service Integration - The aim of this category is to have an accountable all encompassing layer that will hide the complexity of vendors and service providers, allowing you to focus on your business.
    • How the management will be conducted including service levels attached to Availability, Incident , Problem, Capacity, Request, Change and Release, Continuity Management?
    • Outsourced IT Services where all the above categories are combined to completely outsource all or part of IT operations to Q-IT. Q-IT will partner with you to map out your entire environment including vendors, define Services and Service Levels , design processes , implement support structures and deliver against the requirements.
  • Q-iT offers the following products as part of a practical and holistic Email solution offering:

    Operational Services Costs
    Monitoring and Maintenance (AV, Updates, Disk Space, etc)
    Service Desk (Incident, Problem, Request Management)
    End User Device & Operating System
    From R50 per month
    From R100 per month
    MS Office
    From R100 per month
    From R250 per month / domain
    From R50 per user / month
    From R250 per month / domain
    From R250 per month / domain
    From R500 per month / Network Device
    From R500 per month / Network Device

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