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Technical Architecture

Technical and solutions architecture are closely related disciplines, even adapting the same methodologies (TOGAF, ITIL, etc) but Q-IT see's the need to show these as separate area's in our portfolio. Technical architecture is focussed on the technology that underlies the solution while Solution Architecture covers People, Processes and Technology holistically.

The following example explains the difference between the two area's:

Q-IT offers Disaster Recovery solutions but there are many technologies and products that can be used to meet the DR requirements. To design a DR solution, the solution architect will interpret the business requirements into DR strategies which includes how to move the data to meet a recovery point and time objective. The Solution Architect however will need to find a technology or product to move the data, and this is where the Technical Architect with his/her deep understanding of the solution plugs in his skills.

Q-IT offers a vast range of technical competencies with respect to the solutions offered.

The Technical Architecture stream within a project will deliver the following aspects:

  • Deep technical input to ensure that solutions deliver against the business requirements
  • Execute Proof of concept with System's Engineers
  • Develop detailed design diagrams, configuration repositories , implementation plans and operations procedures
  • Implementation quality checks Auditing and assessing of technologies
  • Provide a 4th level of support if any issues exist

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