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Cloud Computing

Products & Pricing
  • Your challenges:

    • Increasing IT costs on server upgrades, cooling and electricity usage
    • Purchased but unable to use cloud product e.g. Microsoft Office 365
    • Unplanned disruption to IT services
    • Paying for IT services you don’t need
    • Cant access your IT service remotely
    • Unsure if you are correctly licensed for the software you are using
    • Unacceptable performance when using your IT services

    Our Solutions:

    Most Q-IT Solutions boast a cloud option where you will inherit the following benefits:

    • High availability with a 99.9% uptime
    • Only pay for the service capacity you require
    • Governance and Compliance Assessments
    • The ability to scale up or scale down IT Services
    • Securely access your IT service from literally anywhere on the internet
    • High performance on demand for IT Services
    Contact Q-iT now for a *Free cloud readiness assessment and one of our Cloud Experts will guide you
  • Q-iT offers the following products as part of a practical and holistic cloud solution offering:

    Hosted Virtual Servers e.g. to host your applications
    From *R480 per Server
    Operational Support
    From *R500 per Server
    R500 and excludes application setup and data migration

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